Kicking Cancer's butt with my Model S

E-Bikes: Lynn Foster's Triumph Over Breast Cancer

In October 2021, I faced an unexpected battle with breast cancer. Despite the daunting challenges that lay ahead, my journey to recovery was aided by the support of an e-bike, which played a pivotal role in helping me reclaim my life.


At 59 years old, I had always been an adventurous soul who loved exploring new places. But my breast cancer diagnosis threw my life into turmoil. Through surgeries and chemotherapy, I struggled with the physical and emotional toll of treatments. The daily routine became a daunting task, and my love for cycling seemed distant.


In June 2022, I made a crucial decision to aid in my recovery – I acquired an EBC e-bike from Scotty's Bikes. This electric bike was more than just a means of transportation; it was my support system. With its assistance, I gradually regained strength and confidence, conquering the challenging hills of Tennessee.


January 2023 marked a significant milestone for me. I crafted an action plan, fueled by my passion for cycling and aided by my trusty e-bike. Working with a trainer twice a week to build strength, I also devised a 32-week cycling training plan with a specific goal in mind: completing a Century ride in September 2023.


Throughout my training, I found strength in my e-bike and the guidance of my trainer. On September 9, 2023, I achieved an incredible feat, riding her e-bike for 104.2 miles in just 8 hours, with breaks totaling 10 hours. The great part of this ride was it was a charity event called Bike to Beat Cancer, which made this even more meaningful. Over the past 9 months, I covered 1,798 miles, surpassing planned rides by an impressive 105%.


Today, I stand strong, eager to embrace each day and ride my e-bike as a symbol of a triumphant journey. My story underscores the power of determination and the pivotal role e-bikes can play in aiding recovery, enabling us to conquer life's obstacles and ride confidently into the future.

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