Want to visit somewhere that you can do everything with an e-bike? We have the place, the little town nestled in the beautiful, enchanting Smoky Mountains. Many people just want to try out e-bikes, they have a curiosity about them, that draws them in like a magnet.  Townsend is a great place to try out E-bikes and have a nice peaceful vacation. It’s invigorating to ride an e-bike everywhere, breathing that oxygen heavy mountain air, and seeing the vibrant colors of spring and of course seeing the wildlife. Always a bear here and there.

Townsend stretch’s five- and one-half miles east and west following the banks of the Little River as it curves around rocky outcroppings and nooks. The cool air blows off of it like an outdoor air-conditioner. The sounds soothe the soul of even the most stressed person. Things don’t move fast there, not the restaurants, not the ice cream lines, but its great once you get in the groove. Townsend also has a bike path on each side of the busy four lane highway that runs on each side of the five- and one-half mile stretch, which makes it handy to ride your e-bike safely around town. Shop, eat, explore at your own pace.

Yes, Townsend is the perfect place to try out an e-bike, and of course I would recommend a Scotty Bike E-Bike Rental. It’s the smart way to learn if its right for you. Scotty Bike e-bikes are budget friendly and are top quality built in the USA. They come equipped just like you would outfit your own ebike, with rear racks and bags to carry what you need on your adventure.

Scotty Bike E-Bikes welcomes you for info any time on our website, also feel free to call or text 931-265-2658.

Kenny and Patrice Scott

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