E-Biking Oro Valley (A Must)

E-Biking Oro Valley (A Must)

You just can’t get enough of e-biking in beautiful Oro Valley Arizona. Oro Valley is only about 5 miles north of Tucson, but its worth the trip. Every time Patrice and I ride our Scotty Bike E-bikes on the loop in Oro Valley we are blown away by the mountains and the beauty of the town. I would say it is very near perfect. Beautiful shopping areas that are so well disguised you have trouble even spotting the big box stores. Wonderful coffee shops abound and many restaurants you’ve heard of and ones you haven’t.

Looking for a special date day with your active friend or partner, or maybe a group of old friends meeting you in the Tucson area, wanting to see the beauty and catch up on old times? Maybe a business meeting and you are tired of the same old surroundings, well I have an idea! Rent an e-bike or e-bikes from Scotty Bike and explore Oro Valley, and did I mention that at Scotty Bike we include Sena communication helmets?! You and your group can talk, have fun, discuss and plan the new business venture, whatever! Our riders tell us the helmets make it a great experience. Riding a Scotty Bike e-bike with a Sena communication helmet enhances the amazing breath-taking beauty of Oro Valley. You can stop, take pictures and truly enjoy one of the most beautiful towns in Arizona.

Patrice and I really do hope to see you there and help enhance your e-biking experience.

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