My wife and I are blessed with some great friends.  I want to tell you guys about a special one that we met a year and a half ago.  Like so many people in America, John was retiring from a great career in a big city and decided to move to beautiful Tennessee. We worked with him and his wife on a home building project. It was a blessing, John and Carole were super smart and a joy to be around.  They did not know anyone in the area, and we never miss a chance to hang out with new people in hopes of having intelligent conversation.  The job John retired from was building submarines.  A highly skilled and secretive career after retiring from the Navy, so yes, he was well above average and my kind of guy. Also, he loved Jesus, again, my kind of guy. 

Patrice and I love bike riding.  We try to ride every day, even if only for an hour in the afternoon.  Biking is our favorite way to get exercise. So, I told John that he and Carole should get some bikes and of course he took the next logical step and purchased two ebikes. That way they could instantly ride with us when we rode our regular bikes.  We were not yet in the ebike business, but I had been researching them for 3 ½ years already.  He called in a couple of weeks and said he had them and was going to get them assembled ASAP.  I said, “meet you guys tomorrow afternoon in Algood, to ride the greenway.” The four of us had a wonderful summer riding and we all (regular bikes and ebikes) got lots of exercise and grew our friendship.  I will never forget our first ride in the up and down hills of TN.  I was creeping up a steep hill and John blew past me, laughing and said, “let’s go old man.”  Priceless for him.  That was in the late fall and my great, smart, caring friend, died in January a year ago.  Young at 63.  Two months after that, we went into the Ebike business.  Thanks John!



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