Let's Talk Cadence Sensor and Torque Sensor


At Scotty Bike we are all about the facts...tried and true facts. I’m going to give you some facts that hopefully answers some frequently asked questions, mainly about cadence sensors. Truth is cadence sensors are great, if they are installed and set properly. Learned it didn’t read it. Proved it matter of fact. We sell and love for many reasons Electric Bike Company E-Bikes, so one of the things we love about them is they look like a bike and ride like a bike and are so smooth and gentle when assistance is needed. So, when people start saying oh, I hear you only want a torque sensor they are more natural. Of course, they haven’t ridden an Electric Bike Company E-Bike. Two different times I have had a conversation with customers who stopped by one of our locations (Tucson Arizona or Townsend Smokey Mtns.) and they were talking about how jerky their E-Bikes were and how they couldn’t ride them slow like on a busy greenway and were disappointed. They asked if our E-Bikes had cadence or torque sensors. Torque sensors are an option on our bikes for $99.00 so, it doesn’t break the bank. Both times I asked each person to ride our E-Bikes and give me an honest opinion compared to their e-bikes. Both times they came back with a grin on their face and said what I knew. Electric Bike Company Bikes were the smoothest E-Bikes they had ever ridden. The problem they had was the brand e-bike they purchased. Things were not set correctly in the program and there was no customer service agent to talk to about it. There are many factors about the settings on e-bikes that must be addressed for them to ride naturally. Having a full time, super sharp engineer like Electric Bike Company has on staff, is key, also not using the cheapest parts you can find like the sensor makes a major difference. We have had a couple of people purchase E-Bikes with torque sensors, and just a 2- or 3-mile ride to test the bike before they pick it up and I can’t tell the difference. That is on our bikes of course. Truth is the cadence AND torque sensor ride exceptionally well on our bikes. All E-Bikes are not the same and for sure all cadence sensors are not the same.

Kenny Scott

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