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Well lollipops, I am not a doctor or nurse or even an herbal tea person.  I am a logical thinking, mature, active male.  So, how about some true honest feedback on my favorite exercise machines…Ebikes! Could you be like me?  You want to be healthy, active and you think about it a lot.  Do you sometimes think you’re getting old or worn out? Well, I think you’re not being honest with yourself if you say you don’t think or worry about it. 

As a mature man, age 63, I don’t want to feel old, I don’t want to give it up.  I want to live! Live life to its fullest.  How do you do it and maintain it? 

Here is the secret, that’s not a secret.  You must be active, and if you must be active, why not have some fun while you’re doing it?  Try to be in love with being active. My wife and I are in the Ebike business.  We have invested a lot of time and money in Ebikes, so I am going to use Ebikes as my example of an exercise machine. You know those little aches and pains you get as you age, that stiffness and you don’t know why?  Maybe you have a spot going numb for no apparent reason, like a toe or another appendage and you’re afraid of it spreading.  When it's hot or cold and I get a little dormant, it happens to me, along with all the feelings and normal depression that comes with it.  Guess what? It is always my fault. I have stopped being active.  What cures it? Exercise, some blood flow. Riding an ebike daily for 15-30 miles for 5 days straight cures 60-75% of it.  A few more days and you’re sleeping well without Tylenol for aches and pains, and you start to gain feeling in those appendages again. Blood flow cures a lot. Who told me?  No one.  I just figured it out year over year. The older you get the more you need to move! Riding Ebikes makes the blood flow AND it’s so much fun.  Riding with your life partner or a friend makes it twice as fun.  Let’s get you moving!


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