Riding Beyond You


So many times, I would talk to my kids when they were younger about looking past the end of your nose. Looking ahead not being stuck in a rut, so to speak. Riding an ebike is an experience of freedom for most, a thrill for many reasons and its great exercise, but let's look a little further.

Its ok to be a thrill seeker sometimes and sometimes it's as easy as riding your bike to the Halloween party down the street or taking a night ride. In the Smokey Mtns there is a popular 11-mile loop that people visit to look at the natural beauty and wildlife (Bears). The last weekend of September with a beautiful full moon my wife and I with 2 other couples went to Cades Cove at 8:30 pm and experienced the most awesome fun ride year to date. Try something different, pretend sometimes your bike is the only way you can get there. Find a new way to go the extra mile!! Plan your trip around biking, then you have to get some exercise. The blood starts flowing, the brain receives it’s much needed blood flow and wonderful things start happening! In a short time, you feel young again. Young ideas come back. I love it and it’s true.

Get out of your rut with a Scotty Bike ebike. Live a little...maybe a lot, and just a little exercise helps so much! Ride beyond you!!


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