Scotty Bike E-Bikes and Tucson are an Awesome Match


When I think of riding e-bikes in Tucson, I think of a beautiful Southwestern Health Spa. What a great place to get healthy. You have to move. You can do it there while staying warm and soaking up the sunshine. Scotty Bike e-bikes are the bomb in Tucson. You can fly out , easy trip, don’t worry about bringing your bikes, we have them. Our e-bikes are great, built in the good old USA. We equip our bikes with rear cargo bags for your things, locks and alarms, so you can stop at one of Tucson's many great coffee shops. Patrice and I love Coffee X Change for the food and coffee and the great service. If you love an awesome passionately sourced and roasted coffee, Savaya is your place. Maybe you have ridden 30 miles and need something wonderful to eat? We recommend Zinburger, they are a classy burger and wine restaurant, delicious!! Yes, you can have it because you are moving, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the beauty God has provided for us to enjoy.

Not moving so well? We want to help with that...we can help with that!  You may ask what makes Scotty Bike E-bike Sales and Rentals different, we care, we are so passionate about helping you move, and we have a great time doing it. Rent your e-bike from us and we will provide you with an experience, not just a bike ride. Also, you will be moving. We will provide you with places to go and things to do in Tucson. Guess what else comes with a Scotty Bike E-bike rental in Tucson? A Sena communication helmet! Yes, you can talk as you ride. It's an experience, it makes riding for the first time in a different place feel safe and you won’t miss anything. The helmets work within a half mile. Want a group or family ride, no problem you can all talk.

Team up with Scotty Bike Sales and Rentals in Tucson for fun and exercise. It is truly the best way to navigate the city and enjoy the breathtaking views. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Kenny and Patrice Scott

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