Sena Helmets (The Bomb)

Sena Helmets (The Bomb)

Let’s talk about experiences. It is synonymous with an E-Bike ride with Sena communication helmets. My beautiful wife Patrice always wanted us to talk when we rode. She tried everything but nothing would work reliably, but those few minutes it did work was fantastic! We would be so excited, then it would stop. Last year we had a wonderful, super smart couple purchase bikes, and after their bikes came in, they said they had purchased communication helmets and absolutely loved them.  The wife felt so much safer being able to talk to her husband. So, Patrice had to try them, and the rest is history. We cannot even imagine riding without them now. 

We became a dealer for Sena and have sold bunches of them, plus we use them in our rental fleet. About Sena, so they have been in business 26 years and started in the motorcycle helmet business, then added cycling helmets. They have more experience in the communication helmet business than anyone. Sena helmets stimulate conversation between couple and friends all while adding an extra layer of safety when riding bikes. You never feel alone or for that matter behind. Working at distances up to a half mile you are connected and sharing. Also, they connect to your phone, so you don’t miss that important call you have been waiting for. Just tap a button to answer a call and have a safe conversation. Listening to music or a podcast if you are riding alone is also a great benefit!

Have you ever thought about using your bike to commute? Sena helmets make commuting flawless. Patrice answers business calls when we ride, and we can discuss issues we are facing for the day, all while exercising and loving life. We do highly recommend them, because we want people to share in the joy of talking and sharing.

As of now, there are two kinds of communication helmets from Sena. Standard blue tooth and the amazing EVO mesh system. At a current price of $159.00 the standard helmet works great for 2-4 riders. Need more connections? At $189.00 try the EVO mesh. It allows you to connect simply to many riders, and with 9 channels to choose from your group doesn’t worry about interference. We love the EVO technology in our ebike rental business.

Now, the most important thing is the quality. The speakers and mic are built in, nothing is hanging out and the head protection is great. Somehow the Sena technology takes the background noise out, just speak normally, also there is a volume up and down button, so you can have the levels just right for you. No, you don’t have to push a button to talk when intercom is on, just talk hands free. Come see us and try them out. We would love your feedback.

Hope to see you soon and get you moving,

Kenny and Patrice Scott

Scotty Bike

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