Tucson E-Biking...The Best

It is very difficult to explain the E- bike riding experience in Tucson Arizona in the winter, but I am going to try to do it justice. First, Tucson in the winter is amazing. The sun comes up kind of late, then its brilliant and the sky is blue, bright blue! Usually around 10:00 AM, a pair of shorts and t-shirt is all you need for a few hours.  Truly, you can go almost anywhere on an e-bike due to the famous and quite awesome Chuck Huckleberry Loop, affectionally known as the loop. What fun!! 137 miles of two lane multi use bike trail. The Loop follows Tucson’s wash system around town. Patrice and I have ridden every mile of it, and we have ridden many of the streets in Tucson, which for the most part, compared to most of America, are super bike friendly.

I’m convinced Tucson is one of the most awesome places in America to commute on an e-bike. Even though it is pretty much flat, the wonderful thing is while you're riding the loop there are mountains on either side of you. What a way to travel. Tucson is a beautiful Southwest city with the east and west and north having unique areas to visit and dine, all with some part of the Loop available to ride your e-bike. If you stay for a while, you will find 20 miles or so will start to be a standard ride. Tucson e-bike riding will give you the sense of fun and beauty and exercise at the same time with lots of vitamin D. In Tucson you can plan your rides to eat, shop or challenge yourself daily to be fit and save some gas money.

Scotty Bike is a dealer for Electric Bike Company E-Bikes, which if you pedal and are conservative using high levels of assist and throttle you can easily achieve a 50-mile range. Just imagine Tucson as a painting with beautiful mountains and wonderful blue skies and warm sunshine. Midday temps are almost perfect, 65 to 75 degrees. It is simply lovely. Scotty bike will be there January thru March serving fun loving people with e-bike rentals and lots of fun! As always with our rentals we furnish Sena communication helmets, so you can talk while you ride. It turns a ride into an experience.

Come ride with us.

Kenny and Patrice Scott

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